Heater Repair in Katy, TX

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Many people take having a warm, comfortable home for granted. However, this comfort depends upon a working heater, especially during the coolest months of the year. Unfortunately, many people find themselves dealing with heater issues throughout the life of their HVAC system, and it can be difficult to determine whether repair or replacement is a better value.

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Whatever your heater needs, it is critical to contact a professional heater repair service in Katy, Texas. Attempting to handle heater issues on your own can cause additional damage and may result in costly repairs or the replacement of your system before its time. A professional can help you evaluate your system, assess the options available to you, and pursue the necessary repairs at a fair cost.

At Eddie’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we are proud to provide heater repair services in Katy, Texas and beyond. Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with the highest level of customer service possible, and we pride ourselves on our fast, efficient service. Our team of technicians has years of combined experience in the industry, and we will diagnose your heater problems and make the necessary adjustments quickly.

Recognizing the Signs Your Heater Needs Serviced

There are many signs your heater is malfunctioning or otherwise in need of repair. Watch for these signs of an issue:

  • You smell a gas leak. If you can smell a gas leak, natural gas may be present, and you risk an explosion if your heater malfunctions. Exit the area and call for help immediately to keep everyone in your home safe.
  • You notice your heater turning off by itself. If you notice that your heater turns off soon after starting or before the air in your home is warmed, you need to call for repair as soon as possible. Your heater may have a dirty or clogged sensor, impeded airflow, or some other issue that causes it to stop heating before reaching temperature.
  • You hear strange noises. If you hear loud hissing, popping or whining noises, you may have a severe problem on your hands. These sounds are often the result of wear and tear and can be caused by a gas leak or a cracked heat exchanger has become cracked.

If you notice any of the above issues, there is a good chance your heater needs repair. You do not want to risk waiting and having your heater fail on you when you need it the most. Having a professional come out to check your heater is a great way to ensure that your unit is safe from additional damage.

Call Eddie’s Heating and Air Conditioning Today

At Eddie’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we encourage you to contact us today for any heater repair services that may be necessary. When you call our professional team, we will inspect your system and make any repairs necessary to ensure your system is safe from additional damage. If you are currently experiencing a heating failure and need an emergency repair service, contact us as soon as possible.