Air Conditioner Repair in Cypress, TX

Is your air conditioner on the fritz? Determining if you need servicing or repairs may be difficult to do on your own and having a system that isn’t working properly can be dangerous during extreme weather fluctuations. We’ve become reliant on having a well-functioning, modern air conditioning system. Having a trusted AC repair technician is the best option when your unit starts to malfunction. If you’re located in Cypress, TX, Eddie’s Heating and Air Conditioning is here for you.
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When Should You Request AC Repair?

There are some common issues that require professional service. Some of them include:

  • Poor installation. If a previous technician did a poor job installing your unit, it likely isn’t operating to the best of its abilities.
  • Clogged air filter. If you’re not getting a lot of airflow, or your fans malfunction prematurely, it may be due to a clogged, or dirty air filter. When you’re not getting circulation through your whole space, this is a bad sign.
  • Leaking. Your AC unit shouldn’t be leaking. Seeing a noticeable leak or pooling water is a sure sign there’s an issue. A leaky unit can lead to more costly home repairs and can be a serious headache to deal with.
  • Warm air. No one wants warm air blowing into their home or office on a sweltering day. If this is something your air-conditioning is doing, it’s definitely not operating as it should.
  • Thermostat issues. If you have a timed program set on your AC unit, or the temperature doesn’t match the thermostat reading, something is going wrong. Sometimes this is a thermostat issue, but it may also be an issue with the unit itself.
  • Big utility bill. A jump in your utility bill is a fairly good indication something isn’t operating as it should be. A faulty AC unit is often the cause, as it may be working harder than it should be to work efficiently.
  • Unpleasant smell. One of the most noticeable problems is smelly AC unit emissions. A burning smell needs emergency service, as this can lead to dangerous electrical issues. Other causes could be trapped bacteria or debris causing a foul smell.
  • Unusual noises. If your AC unit is doing anything other than a light whirring noise, it’s probably malfunctioning. Grinding or squeaking noises are a clear indication that something isn’t operating as it should be.

An experienced repair technician is your best bet for a functioning AC unit. Repairs are best handled by a trained professional who can efficiently and accurately diagnose the issue.

Regular maintenance is common for AC units and can definitely improve several aspects of your home, such as lowered utility bills, better air quality, and better energy efficiency. Having a well-functioning AC unit is a necessity for many homes in the greater Cypress, TX area.

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If you’re experiencing issues with your AC unit, the skilled and professional team at Eddie’s Heating and Air Conditioning should be your go-to for all your AC unit repairs in Katy. We’ll work with you to fit your budget and timeframe to get your system running optimally. We’re here to get your air-conditioning running effectively again, and with our help, you’ll be comfortable throughout every Cypress season.